Sweets From The 1980s

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

The 1980s were a decade of excess, from neon lights and big hair to, of course, outrageously fun sweets! If you grew up in this era, get ready for a serious sugar rush of nostalgia. Today, we will be diving back into the world of those treats that defined our childhood.

Iconic 80s Sweets

The 80s were all about bold flavours, and sweets was no exception. Remember the electrifying sensation of Fizz Wiz? The popping candy made taste buds explode with fruity goodness. And who could forget the tongue-staining, citrusy punch of Refreshers? They were a test of endurance, but oh so worth it.

A Bubblegum Classic

Who else remember Anglo Bubbly? Bubbly was actually invented in 1970s but most people remember it being a classic sweet in the 1980s. The wrapper of Anglo Bubblys definitely belongs in the 80s with it's bright blue and pink colours. Anglo bubbly is still around today and just as popular in the bubblegum category and it's still known for blowing the biggest bubbles. You can find it in our shop or on our website and see if you can use it for blowing the biggest bubble.  

The Chewy sweets of the 80s

For those who preferred a chewy sweets, the 80s offered a lots of them. Black Jack chews were a playground favourite, their aniseed flavour offering a unique taste. And who can resist the chewy, fruity goodness of Fruit Salad? Fruit Salads are also made of half raspberry and pineapple flavourings which provides a lingering taste whilst you chew. These bite-sized sweets were perfect for sharing (or just for yourself, we won't judge). Now a days you can find them mixed together in a pack. But don't worry if you want them separately as we can sell them together or just on their own. 

Bottled Sweets of the 80s

The 80s were all about bold flavours and fun shapes, and bottled sweets were a staple! Remember Milk Bottles, those gummy sweets dusted with sugar? They're still a classic, alongside their fizzy and non-fizzy Cola Bottle cousins.  And the good news? These nostalgic treats are just as popular today, with even vegan and vegetarian options joining the party! So next time you're looking for a blast from the past, grab a bag of bottled sweets and relive the vibrant flavors of the 80s.

Sweets with a Side of Fun

Sweets in the 80s wasn't just about deliciousness, it was about the whole experience. Remember those fun shapes and candy watches that doubled as, well, necklaces? They were a sugary fashion statement and a guaranteed conversation starter. 

A Blast from the Past: Where to Find Them Today

The good news is, you don't have to travel back in time to enjoy these retro sweets. Many of these classic sweets are still around today, waiting to be rediscovered. So next time your looking for a taste of your childhood, head down to our Sweet Shop in Southport or check out our website for a dose of 80s sugary nostalgia. We also have a 1980's themed sweet box which is a great gift for everyone. 

Do you have a favourite sweet from the 80s? Share your memories in the comments below!

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